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How to Love Your Mini African Violet

Let me sit in 3/4” of water,

I will absorb all I need.

After 5-7 minutes,

remove the excess water.

Never let me sit in water

for more than 30 minutes!

Keep me moist, but always allow my roots to dry out before watering, as this encourages my blooming!

Never water

on top of my leaves or flowers,

but always from

the bottom,

with tepid water.

Lovememini_care titles_Violet Water.png
Mini African Violet Care Food Temperature Requirements
Mini African Violet Care Light Requirements

Rotate me

for even light distribution, or I will grow larger and bend towards the side with most light.

Make sure to use a 100% water soluble 

African violet fertilizer


East or northeast facing windows

are ideal; use shears or blinds

if I'm facing south or west windows.

I can tolerate very early or very late direct light; be sure to provide partial shade in the afternoon.

Lovememini_care titles_Violet Food.png
Lovememini_care titles_Violet Light.png

I will let you know

if I'm not getting

the light I need. I will stop flowering, my leaves will yellow and stems will elongate. If too bright, my leaves will scorch

and curl.

Keep me around

20° C (70° F). 

Cold temperature will make me 


to pathogens!

mini plants
baby plants
miniature plants
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mini african violets

Made with love. 

Mini African Violet Plant Music Playlist

This playlist is perfect

for me: I will grow healthier and happier! 

I love music!

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