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How to Love Your Mini Kalanchoe

 I don't like

over-watering! Allow me to get dry between waterings.

 I need well-draining soil; over-watering or letting me sit in wet soil can cause root rot. 

Water thoroughly until water runs out

the bottom, and immediately empty

the drainage tray. 

care_Poinsettia Water.png

 I don't like

over-watering! Allow me to get dry between waterings.

Mini Kalanchoe Care Light Requirements

I prefer a

South-facing window in the winter, and an East window in the summer.

The more light you give me,

the better I’ll look!

If I am leggy and thin, and my flowers tend not to open, I'm probably not getting enough light.

I like bright, natural light. A medium or high light situation is best as long as I am not getting too much direct sun. Keep me out of any hot windows, or I’ll get burned.

care_Kalanchoe Light.png
Mini Kalanchoe Care Food Temperature Requirements

Feed me during my blooming with a balanced organic fertilizer.

Lovememini_care titles_Kalanchoe
Lovememini_care titles_Kalanchoe

I will do fine in normal household conditions,

but I need to

be kept away

from drafts. 

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Made with love. 

Mini Kalanchoe Plant Music Playlist

This playlist is perfect

for me: I will grow healthier and happier! 

I love music!

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