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How to Love Your Mini Cyclamen

Give me water from below the leaves:

this will avoid them rotting.

Soak the soil thoroughly and

let any excess water drain away.

I am sensitive to both

over and under watering. Make sure I get excellent drainage with a soil

that holds water well.

Water only when the soil feels dry, but don't leave me

in a dry state for too long or my leaves and flowers will get droopy.

care_Poinsettia Water.png
Mini Cyclamen Care Light Requirements

Find me

a bright position,

without direct sunlight.

East and North facing windows work great.

  Direct sunlight is too intense for me! I don’t like heat in general: hotter temperatures will force me to go into dormancy. I love bright windows, as long as the sunlight isn’t direct and the temperature is cool.

In the summer, it is best to keep me out

of bright light. You can even move me outdoors, but make sure I'm in a shady spot.

care_Orchid Light.png
Mini Cyclamen Care Food Temperature Requirements

Feed me with

low-nitrogen fertilizer.

Stop when I go dormant (spring

and summer).

Lovememini_care titles_Christmas Cactus
care_Cyclamen Temp.png

I like cool, humid environments.

If the temperature

is too high, I will yellow, and my flowers will fade.

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Made with love. 

Mini Cyclamen Plant Music Playlist

This playlist is perfect

for me: I will grow healthier and happier! 

I love music!

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