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How to Love Your Mini Ornamental Pepper

Mist my foliage twice

a week to keep humidity levels elevated!

Give me water slowly, allowing the soil

to absorb the moisture without letting it run off.

Make sure to empty

the bottom saucer

so my roots won’t sit

in standing water (which can cause rot root).

Keep my soil slightly dry between waterings, as 

I don’t like too much water!

care_Pepper Water_Pepper Water.png
Mini Ornamental Peppers Care Light Requirements

Place me in a very bright, south or west-facing window, as close to the window as possible, to take advantage of

all the light.

Be sure to select a location that receives at least four hours of direct sunlight per day. I need bright light to produce fruit; I will become leggy and yield fewer peppers if too shaded.

care_Pepper Light.png

I will thrive in full sun

and only occasional

part shade.

I will let you know if

I am not getting enough light: the stems will thin, and I will lean toward

the light.

Mini Ornamental Pepper Care Food Temperature Requirements

Use a liquid

all purpose fertilizer

(15-15-15) diluted to half strength.

I don’t need additional fertilizer after

I fruit.

care_Pepper Food.png
care_Pepper Temp.png

At night, keep me between 12ºC (55F) and 15ºC (60F): it will

increase the longevity of the fruit. I can bear temperatures down to 7ºC (45F)

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Mini Ornamental Peppers Plant Music Playlist

Made with love. 

This playlist is perfect

for me: I will grow healthier and happier! 

I love music!

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