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How to Love Your Mini Crispy Wave

You can reduce the frequency of watering in the winter months (Nov-Dec-Jan-Feb).

My soil should be kept always moist, never allow it to dry out. Don't let

me sit in standing water.

I will need more water

in the growing period (April-September).

Avoid misting my leaves.

You can water from the top,

make sure there

is good drainage

at the bottom

of the pot.

Lovememini_care titles_Frosty Fern Water
Mini Crispy Wave Care Light Requirements

To preserve my nice even shape, rotate the pot occasionally for even light distribution.

If I am exposed to light for extended periods

of time, my distinctive green leaves will become pale and

get burn marks.

I grow best in shady spots as East or North-facing windows. If you’ve made

me a home in a South or West-facing window, use sheers or blinds.

care_Crispy Wave Light.png
Mini Crispy Wave Care Food Temperature Requirements

At night,

I want to be in a 10 degrees cooler environment.

Keep me away from drafts. I like a moderately humid habitat.

Use a liquid all purpose fertilizer (24-8-16) diluted to half strength, except during the winter months (Nov-Dec-Jan-Feb).

Lovememini_care titles_Crispy Wave Tempe
Lovememini_care titles_Crispy Wave Food.

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Made with love. 

Mini Crispy Wave Plant Music Playlist

This playlist is perfect

for me: I will grow healthier and happier! 

I love music!

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