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How to Love Your Mini Aloe

Don't keep my dirt moist,

or it will cause the roots to rot.

Water thoroughly and make sure all that water drains out – you don’t want me to be sitting in any water.  

The most common reason for me to die is overwatering. Water every

2-3 weeks,

and only when

the soil is dry.

care_Aloe Water.png

I am not a low light plant! If I am not getting the light I need, my leaves will droop downwards. 

Keep me away from hot glass or I will burn. I can be near a window, but not

right next to it.

care_Aloe Light.png

I need as much light as possible. A western

or southern window is ideal.



I like warm environments.

I do best in temperatures between

20 and 28°C.

Feed me

only in spring

and summer.

Use a balanced formula mixed at ½ strength.

care_Aloe Food.png
care_Aloe Temp.png

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Made with love. 

This playlist is perfect

for me: I will grow healthier and happier! 

I love music!

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