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How to Love Your Mini Anthurium

I need soil with good

water retention capability,

and good drainage.

Half and half mix of

potting soil and orchid soil

or perlite will provide

the kind of habitat I prefer.

Don't let me become too dry, or my growth will slow and my roots will be difficult to re-hydrate. 

Too much or too frequent watering can lead to root rot, which could affect my long-term health.

care_Poinsettia Water.png
Mini Anthurium Care Light Requirements

I can get sunburned!

That’s why it’s best to

keep me in a bright room, but avoid direct sunlight. 

I can tolerate all levels of indirect light, but if I receive low light only, I will have fewer flowers, I will grow slower

and I will become thin and straggly,

as my leaves stretch toward the light.

care_Orchid Light.png

Place me in a bright location where I receive indirect light, such as near

to an Eastern facing window.

Mini Anthurium Care Food Temperature Requirements

Never keep

me under 55 F.

I need at least

80% of humidity:

I will enjoy living

in your bathroom!

Feed me with

a one-quarter strength

fertilizer, with high phosphorus levels.

care_Anthurium Food.png
care_Anthurium Temp.png

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Mini Anthurium Plant Music Playlist

Made with love. 

This playlist is perfect

for me: I will grow healthier and happier! 

I love music!

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