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How to Love Your Mini Spring Cactus

I am an ideal plant

for travelers! After flowering,

I will go through a dormant period. Water sparingly for a month while I rest. During this stage I can go several weeks without watering!

Keep my soil evenly moist

but never soggy, especially while

I am still growing.

care_Fishbone Cactus Water.png

If too dry, my stems will shrivel and wilt. If too wet, the stems will yellow. Try touching the soil: if the soil clings to your fingers, it's still wet. Water when the soil slips off your fingers.

Mini Spring Cactus Care Light Requirements

If sitting near a window, East or Northeast-facing directions

are ideal.

I prefer bright indirect light, so be sure to keep me protected from direct sunlight. I will tolerate some direct early morning and late afternoon sun, particularly when in flower.

Be mindful, my care is slightly different than other cacti that originate from arid regions! I am native to the jungles of Brazil and known as “Jungle Cacti”.

Keep me around

20° C (70° F). 

Cold temperature will make me vulnerable

to pathogens!

Mini Spring Cactus Care Food Temperature Requirements

Feed me once

a month, but only during

the growing season

(spring and summer).

Use a 10-10-10

liquid fertilizer.

Set temperature around 70 °F

during the day and 55-60 °F

at night.

My flowers

last longer when

kept in a cool environment.

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Made with love. 

Mini Spring Cactus Plant Music Playlist

This playlist is perfect

for me: I will grow healthier and happier! 

I love music!

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