How to Love Your Mini Poinsettia

I will come with a functional self-watering reservoir. It has a special synthetic wick that allows water to be absorbed from the reservoir as needed. Always keep water in the reservoir: do not leave it empty for more than one day.

Keep my humidity levels around 60% to prevent me from drying out too quickly.

If I am not in a self-watering pot, water me when
the top of my
soil feels dry.

care_Poinsettia Water.png
Mini Poinsettia Care Light Requirements

I enjoy very early or very late sun, but be sure to keep me away from direct sunlight: too much can result in fading color.

Exposure to at least six hours daily is best,

I need all the light I can get!

You can expose me under artificial light,

such as a desk lamp, but be mindful of

the heat from these bulbs.

care_Poinsettia Light.png

I will let you know if I am not getting enough light: my bracts will hang limp and I will lean toward the light.

Mini Poinsettia Care Food Temperature Requirements

Use a general plant food fertilizer


Limit feeding when I am in full bloom.

care_Poinsettia Food.png
care_Poinsettia Temp .png

A night time temperature

of 18°C (65°F)

is ideal. I am susceptible to dramatic changes

in temperature.

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Made with love. 

This playlist is perfect

for me: I will grow healthier and happier! 

I love music!