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How to Love Your Mini Orchid

Depending on the temperature, humidity, air circulation, and light levels of your home, I will have different watering needs!

Only water when my roots are white or grey in colour. After you water, the roots should take on a greenish colour.

Soak me in water for approximately 15 minutes and then drain me thoroughly until all excess water has dripped out.

care_Orchid Water.png
Mini Orchid Care Light Requirements

A North-west or South-east facing window is ideal. Direct sunlight may scorch my

leaves and lead to premature

bud drop.

I will let you know

if I'm not getting enough

light. My leaves will droop and turn very dark green.

And if I have been exposed to too much light, my leaves may bleach yellow.

If necessary, use curtains to protect the plant from direct sunlight, especially during the months of May to September.

care_Orchid Light.png
Mini Orchid Care Food Temperature Requirements

I enjoy

the same warmth

as you do, but I thrive in

high-humidity environments.

Feed me twice monthly from March to October with a balanced fertilizer like


care_Orchid Food.png
care_Orchid Temp.png

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Made with love. 

Mini Orchid Plant Music Playlist

This playlist is perfect

for me: I will grow healthier and happier! 

I love music!

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