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6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Miniature Plants

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Are you curious about mini houseplants? You are in the right place!

Growing small houseplants has a lot of advantages: it's easy, space-saving, and adds a unique decorative touch to your home.

Let's go through the main reasons why miniature plants are the next houseplant trend!

1. Perfect For Small Spaces

If you are living in a small apartment, miniature plants are the perfect solution to create a tiny cute indoor jungle. Just think about it: your windowsill can surely hold many more miniature African Violets than standard size plants!

2. Ideal For Fluorescent Light Gardens

Space is often limited in fluorescent light gardens, and it's usually easier to manage plants that don't grow too tall or have uniform sizes.

3. A Lovely Choice For A Dish Garden

Many miniatures are a great choice for dish gardens.

For example, you can assemble mini cactus and small succulents, create a desert landscape garden and place it in a dry, sunny location where air circulates freely.

Such a garden will stay in shape for years!

4. Great For Terrariums

Several mini plants grow best in enclosed and protected environments where humidity is high.

For example, mini plant varieties like Pilea, Christmas Cactus, Anthurium and Cyclamen will thrive in a humid atmosphere. Some flowering types, such as Begonia and Sinningia, will produce more flowers when grown in a terrarium.

Generally, the small size of miniature plants ensures that they won't outgrow the terrarium container.

5. Unique As A Decor Solution

No doubts that mini plants are a unique decor solution for your home, especially if you have a limited amount of space available.

Imagine them planted in cute teacups, placed inside indoor plant walls, dish gardens, and terrariums.

Also, you can have fun while finding the best pot for each of your mini plants.

There are many lovely containers specially designed for small plants. You can choose geometric planters, quirky-shaped mugs or pots painted with colorful patterns. You can match the pot with the color of the flowers and group various shades in different spots.

The possibilities are endless!

6. Cherished When Given As Gifts

Last but not least, miniature plants are the perfect gift for your friends and family, even more during holidays and festivities.

Mini Christmas Cactus and mini Poinsettia will be most appreciated as Christmas gifts; mini Spring Cactus is a lovely present to give during Easter holidays, and the fascinating Dianthus Pink Kisses make a unique choice to surprise your loved one.

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