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How To Grow And Care For Mini Plants

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Mini plants care requirements are usually similar to those of the bigger members of the family; however, you might have to pay some extra attention to water and humidity levels and monitor the temperature more often.

But, don't worry: the majority of mini plants often only need mini maintenance!

1. Keep in mind that mini plants grow at a different pace

The main characteristic of miniature plants is that their natural growth is very slow. They are made to be small!

2. Make sure to water the proper amount

Miniature plants need more attention with regards to watering because, like any other plants growing in a small pot, their roots do not have much space for spreading, and may quickly exhaust the water available in the small amount of soil.

Maintenance of high humidity is important: consider buying a moisture meter that can help you monitor soil humidity levels.

The majority of baby plants don’t like to sit in water, or they will end up suffocating and rotting. To avoid overwatering, stick your finger down into the soil, right down to the first inch. If the soil is wet, wait a couple of days and check again!

Another way to check the moisture level of the soil is to tuck a small wooden stick in the soil. The wood will absorb the moisture and change color, so all you need to do is pull it out from the soil every other day and check its color. If the wood is dry, you can give your plant some water. If the wood is wet, wait and check again. This method is particularly useful for miniature succulents, where the soil needs to dry out completely between each watering.

3. Remember to monitor the temperature

Do not forget that each mini plant has different temperature needs.

Usually, tropical plants like mini Kalanchoe and Anthurium enjoy higher temperatures, while mini Cyclamen and mini Christmas Cactus thrive in cooler environments.

You can consider buying a soil thermometer, that will help you check the temperature not only in the room but also around your plant.

4. Remove dead flowers regularly

If your miniature plant is a flowering one, make sure to remove dead flowers as soon as you spot them. This won't only keep your plant in shape; it will also encourage the flowers to bloom longer. The best way to get rid of dead flowers is to use sharp pruners and cut them at a 45-degree angle.

5. Pay attention to the leaves

Your plant leaves will always let you know if the plant is not receiving the proper care. Make sure to observe any foliage changes. They usually are a signal that the plant is not receiving the right amount of light.

For example, mini African Violet's leaves will yellow if not getting enough light, while if too bright, they will scorch. When mini Anthurium receives low-light only, it starts looking thin and straggly, as its leaves stretch toward the light.

If Frosty Fern receives too much light, it will wilt very quickly within a few hours. When not getting enough light, Mini Kalanchoe becomes leggy and thin. Mini Orchid's foliage will droop and turn very dark green if the plant is receiving insufficient light, and bleach yellow exposed to too much sun.

6. Always use a pot with a drainage hole

There are many plant containers out there that are sold without a drainage hole. As much as they can look adorably cute, don’t buy them! A drainage hole is a must. Thanks to that little hole, any excess water can easily drain out the bottom of the pot.

A good idea is to choose terracotta pots: their porosity is excellent to help the soil breathe.

7. Group your mini plants together

If you have several baby plants with similar care needs, it’s a good idea to group them together.

Since these plants are small, they tend to dry out a lot quicker when planted separately. If you decide to plant them together in a large pot, they will probably live a longer life.

Generally, it's better to set up a dedicated area for miniatures rather than place them among other plants: you will avoid them to be overshadowed or neglected.

In this way, you will also create a lovely miniature corner that will surely brighten up your home!

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