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Living In A Mini Indoor Jungle: Tips And Ideas

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

In a small living situation, every square inch matters. Follow these tips to create your own tiny indoor jungle that will thrive without taking up too much space!

1. Start with small, low-maintenance plants

If you are just starting out with your indoor jungle, you can consider opting for small plants that can live with lots of sunlight and not too much water, such as cacti and other succulents.

2. Hang some vines

Take advantage of gravity, and add a vining plant to a shelf, or on the edge of your furniture.

Over time, it will grow long and sturdy, cascading down the wall.

You can place them along window-frames and ledges, or simply let them hang down in front of a window.

3. Mount your plants on the wall

Have you ever heard of Staghorn Fern?

It's a unique plant that doesn’t require much soil or root space to grow, so it's extremely easy to hang on the wall.

It looks perfect when mounted on wooden boards, and will add a pop of green to your space!

4. Create an Air Plants wall art

Air plants don't require soil to grow; this means that you can basically place them anywhere you want.

Why not using your wall to hang them and create some beautiful compositions?

5. Use the stairs

If you don't have any place left on the floor, then arranging plants on your staircase can be a great idea - just make sure your friends will get the light they need.

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