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Mini Indoor Plants Perfect For Small Spaces

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

You don't have to give up on houseplants if you live in a small apartment!

These tiny houseplants will brighten up any little corner of your house and add a touch of color and joy to your decor. Welcome to the miniature plants world!

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe is a great plant for beginners and forgetful plant parents, thanks to its hardiness and drought tolerance.

To keep it happy, place Aloe in a bright, sunny spot. Then, water the plant every two weeks, making sure you are allowing the soil to dry out completely between waterings.

2. African Violets

Mini African Violets bloom all year-round and are famous for their numerous colorful flowers.

You can find them in many color varieties: light blue, dark blue, pink, purple, red, white, blue-white, and pink-white.

They like to be watered from the bottom: you can just let your Violet sit in 3/4” of tepid water for 5-7 minutes, and it will absorb all it needs by itself!

3. Anthurium

Also known as Painted Tongue, Flamingo Lily, and Tail Flower, Anthurium is a plant with strong magnetism.

The glossy leaves with heart-shaped blooms make this plant a bizarre, charming and elegant addition to your home decor.

Mini Anthurium is available in red, white, purple, pink, orange and black.

You can find this little gem in shops and nurseries all year round!

4. Christmas Cactus

This mini plant makes such a lovely home decor for Christmas Holidays, and it's the perfect Christmas gift!

It comes in white and red, and its colorful flowers bloom from late November to late January.

Originally from the mountains of Brazil, this plant will thrive in humid conditions.

It's usually available in November and December.

5. Spring Cactus

Here's another Brazilian beauty: you will fall in love with its star-shaped flowers!

Also known as Easter cactus, this mini plant is ideal for travelers: it can go several weeks without water, and only need occasional pruning.

Also if it's called "Cactus" be mindful: its care is slightly different than other cacti coming from arid regions! It likes bright indirect light, and its flowers last longer when kept in a cool environment.

6. Crispy Wave

Mini Crispy Wave will add a breath of fresh air to any nook you can think of!

This plant has a powerful air purifying ability that can filter harmful particles such as formaldehyde.

Its fronds are extremely strong, hardy, and adaptable.

For these reasons, Crispy Wave can last for years and years, more than almost any other houseplant!

7. Cyclamen

This little cutie is the perfect addition to your indoor garden!

Just remember that Cyclamens have clearly defined growing, blooming and rest cycles. They bloom mainly in winter, while they begin their rest period starts in spring, and fully enter dormancy during summer.

Mini Cyclamen can be found from November to May, and it comes in many vibrant colors: white, red, pink, purple, red-white, pink-white, purple-white.

8. Frosty Fern

Ladies and gentleman, meet the winter Fern!

This hardy plant is available from November to February and becomes really popular during the Christmas season because of its frosted look.

Get ready to see its foliage turning white at the tips when the weather gets cold!

9. Kalanchoe

This thick-leaved succulent is famous for its long-lasting flowers and interesting foliage.

This mini plant requires only mini maintenance: it's drought tolerant and loves to get plenty of sun!

It will do fine in normal household conditions.

Just remember to keep it away from drafts and let it dry in between waterings.

10. Orchid

Orchid blooms all-year round, and it's one of the most colorful plants around.

In fact, it can be found in almost unlimited color varieties.

Its beautifully designed leaves will add an exotic touch to any corner of your home.

Depending on the temperature, humidity, air circulation, and light levels of your home, your Miniature Orchid will have different watering needs.

11. Ornamental Pepper

Here's the ultimate summer and fall miniature plant!

Ornamental Pepper loves bright and sunny spots, and they don't like to drink too much water.

Available in warm colors such as red, yellow, orange and purple, this beauty will look great onto tabletops and summer patio gardens.

It's also edible, for those who enjoy spice...

a lot!

12. Pilea Peperomioides

Isn't mini Pilea one of the cutest plants around?

Extremely popular for being a true baby-maker, this plant is perfect to be propagated and shared, so that you can multiply your collection!

It requires only little maintenance, and its perfectly round leaves, mixed with linear stems, make this plant incredibly elegant and stylish.

13. Poinsettia

Known for its vibrant red leaves that look almost like flowers, Mini Poinsettia makes the perfect Christmas gift.

It's easy to care for, but susceptible to dramatic changes in temperature.

Poinsettia likes humid environments and thrives when getting lots of indirect light.

It will look gorgeous as a Christmas table decoration!

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