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Tiny Cute Planters To Hold Your Baby Plants

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Choosing some lovely fun pots for your mini plants can not only brighten up your home decor but also boost your mood. These little containers will fit all those tiny nooks and empty corners in your home that looked nearly impossible to decorate!

1. Geometric & Magnetic

Geometrical pots are amazingly trendy, and you can make them on your own!

You’ll only need some clay, magnets, acrylic paint, and tools to smooth and cut.

2. Animal Planter

If you live with kids, they are going to love some animal-themed pots!

For example, this little DIY clay giraffe is the cutest addition to a shelf or the kids' room.

3. Cactus For Cactus

What about putting your little cactus... Into a cactus?

You green friend will look amazingly cool in this small cacti planter.

4. Coffee Pot Terrarium

Isn't this such a unique solution to display your air plants?

Tillandsia doesn't need soil to survive: you can use any container to create a decorative planter.

This glass coffee pot features small Tillandsia plants, some green moss, and decorative aquarium stones.

5. Modular Planters

If you want to arrange your plants in endless ways, then these modular DIY planters will surely keep things interesting.

You can make them with ordinary concrete mix shaped around cardboard forms.

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