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How To Make Your Spring Cactus Bloom Again

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Spring Cactus can really brighten up your spring and summer season, but what can you do to get this cactus blooming? The following guide will help you make your Easter cactus blossom beautifully, with some easy steps and care instructions.

How To Make Your Spring Cactus Bloom Again

Steps You Need To Take For Your Spring Cactus To Bloom

To get your cactus to bloom, you need to know what it needs in order to thrive after it's gone dormant.

1) Fall & Early Winter: Keep It Cool

Spring Cactus needs to be kept cooler during the wintertime, but make sure it doesn't get below freezing – try to aim for about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you let your cactus get too warm during the winter, this will cause the buds to drop or the plant to grow in an elongated fashion without blooms.

2) Winter: Warm It Up

Later in the winter season, your cactus will need to be warmer. Before the beginning of January, move the plant to a spot where it will get to be about 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, as this will help it prepare for spring bloom.

3) Early Spring: Trim it

When it is getting closer to springtime, you will need to trim the last segments of the blooms from the previous years. Trimming down these segments will help the plant to grow new flowers for the springtime.

Do's and Don'ts to Remember

· Do: Move the plant to a cooler location in the fall and early winter

· Don't: Let your plant get more than 12 hours of light during the winter

· Do: Move the plant to a warmer location towards the end of December

· Don't: Feed your plant during the winter.

· Do: Avoid watering during the winter

If you've done everything right, then your cactus will begin to bloom again towards late February and early March.

Once Your Spring Cactus Blooms

Once you get your spring cactus blooming, don't forget to continue your special care!

After flowering, this cactus goes through a dormant period. Water sparingly for a month while the plant rests. During this stage, the plant can go even several weeks without watering. Watering too much may encourage the blooms to wilt or drop off. Of course, if you notice your plant getting too dry, increase the water intake slightly until it appears healthy again. Look for signs of overwatering, such as bleached leaves; if these appear, let the plant dry out between watering until you can figure out a better watering plan.

Once spring has started, you can start feeding the plant with a 10-10-10 liquid fertilizer and keep doing it until the end of the summer. If you need to, you can prune a bit.

Enjoy your blooming Spring Cactus!

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