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Loving Plants: How Adding Greenery To Your Life Will Make You Happier

The pursuit of happiness is a mission that we are all on! And amid a global pandemic, this is more true than usual. Some people think that you can buy happiness, but that's not always the case. Once you accidentally scratch your new device, bust your car in a fender bender, or lose a stone from that diamond ring... well, the shine all wears off. And chances are, you're less happy than when you started!

That's where the beauty of plants comes in. The greatest joy doesn't come from buying a plant (or climbing the ladder to be the trendiest Instagram plant parent). It comes from taking care of them, watching them grow, and investing in their little leafy future. There's a simple honesty at the core of plant parenthood. You're taking care of something else. And yes, that's one of the best (and most lasting) happiness’s of them all.

And while we care for our planties, we realize that things might not go perfectly. Who knows! The whole plant might die. But, we tried. We worked to make something else grow. So, here's a look at some of the many ways we can give love to our green friends; and how they give it back to us!

You'll have a jungle house vibe

Most of us have been spending more time cooped up inside. By adding some plants into your decor, you'll bring the outside in. Not to mention, most plants (especially the mini ones!) are affordable. That means that you create a luscious jungle in your living room, and enjoy the nature vibes while you're binge-watching Netflix. This not only makes you happier but your planties too! Houseplants like the company. While some studies show that plants don't like actually touching each other, they still benefit from each other's general presence: the humidity rises, and the air improves.

Your house will be flooded with sunlight

You can't let your plant babies die, so the windows must be clear from the break of dawn to sunset! Not only will this help your planties, but it will benefit you too! There are proven scientific facts that show the benefit of sunlight. Bright natural light releases serotonin, which makes us happier. This is a win-win situation!

Plants will make you a better person

Okay, okay, this might sound like an exaggeration, but it's true! Taking care of our green friends can help us improve on qualities that will make us better people. For instance, what if your leaf takes a month to unfurl? What if your plant doesn't dry out for two weeks? Patience! Who doesn't need more patience? And that's not to mention the other good traits like kindness, tenderness, and a nurturing spirit. These are qualities that help with plant parenthood and human relationships. This will bring you lasting happiness, not just with "foliage friends," but "people pals," too.

You'll have a calming hobby

We all feel calmer when we are surrounded by nature. You will find a peaceful serenity in leaving the computer screen behind and taking care of your plants. Pruning, watering, misting, wiping leaves... However far you intend on taking your plant care, you are guaranteed to be more relaxed once you finish. And what's more satisfying than nursing your plantie back from certain death or in seeing it grow year after year?!

Plants clean the air

This comes with many benefits. Clean air can balance our emotions, reduce the chances of some illnesses (including allergies!), regulate blood pressure and heart rate, among many other things! They also get rid of everyday household toxins, including formaldehyde, which can be found in just about everything. This can be a comfort, especially if you're doing your best to live a toxin-free life. No matter how hard you try to get rid of harmful chemicals in your cleaners and personal products, the same toxins still reside in our lives' unavoidable aspects. Things like our carpet, sofa, rugs, clothes - they all contain formaldehyde and other mood and hormone-altering vapors. So, say goodbye to these terrible toxins, and hello to leafy companions, who are cheap air purifiers and instant mood lifters. You can't ask for anything better than that!

Say 'Nighty Night'

That's right! If you've been suffering from COVID insomnia, plants can help. Plants purify the air and emit oxygen. Proven fact! What do we need to fall asleep? More oxygen! Although not governed by the same systems we have, our green friends are still regulated throughout the day and night. Many plants 'go to sleep,' so to speak at night. Just think: how does the morning glory know 'to close up shop?' Why does the prayer plant point upward at night? It all has to do with light. Plants stop the photosynthesis process at nighttime and relax. The same is true for us. Plants can remind us that it's time to quit. It's time to unwind, go to bed, and enjoy that extra oxygen your nightstand plantie is giving you. What can make us happier than a good night's sleep? Maybe waking up to a good cup of coffee and doing some early morning watering!

You'll feel rewarded

The longer you're a plant parent, the harder you'll be addicted to their calming essence. And as the years pass, some plants may die (let's be realistic), but most will be alive and thriving. And why? Because you took care of them. That's right. And this legacy can live on for years and even lifetimes, and be passed through generations. Plants can become family heirlooms, therapy companions, and steadfast friends.

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